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As we have stepped into the CALENDER YEAR 2012, we greet all Canbank men & women a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS AND BLISSFUL year and Makara Sankranthi. As we believe in broad minded philosophy “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM” propagated by our ancestors, we wish the Celestial transition usher in New hope for better living for one and all across the Globe.

The year which just slipped into history saw the disturbances in socio, economic and political arena in many parts of the world, yet the indomitable spirit of common man has sustained the ill effects. The impact of global recession which engulfed the United States and Europe has left its impact on the world economy. Again and again it is proved that the Economics preached and practiced by Western Pundits is an utter failure. No wonder if the entire western world one day looks for Indian model for guidance. But on the other hand, our Union govt appears to toeing the line of western model disregarding the socio economic conditions of our Nation as well our cultural background & heritage.

The year 2011 has been a year of stinking scams / corruption and degeneration of the moral, ethical fiber of this country. Men in different spectrums of professions, viz. politicians, bureaucrats, sports, media persons have all shown their exemplary skills and ability to swindle public money into their coffers, leaving most ugly face of civic society. Tihar jail has become an asylum of corrupt VIPs. People like Anna Hazare & Baba Ramdev have tried their hands in cleansing the dirt. Though the result has not been encouraging, they have been successful in creating an awareness amongst the people through out the length & breadth of the country. The Union government has adopted anti-Gandhian methods to crush the Gandhian movements of these protesters and has managed to outmaneuver them. Sri Subramanyam swamy is a lone crusader who has taken up cudgels against the corrupt politicians through his battle in the courts of law. We wish him success in his endeavour.

In the banking sector, the measures initiated by the regulatory authority ( RBI) to contain inflation, have not yielded the desired results. RBI governor has been given extension of term also, apparently for expeditious Banking sector reforms. For the time being, even though the govt has backed out from pushing the bill for FDI in retail business in parliament, they are very eager to bring Banking sector reforms bill before parliament, which includes increased FDI in banking sector & implementation of Khandelwal committee recommendations. The UFBU has already lodged its protest with the govt as well as IBA. A day’s total bank strike on 28th Feb 2012 is also called for in this connection.

As far as our bank is concerned opening of new branches continues unabated especially under the scheme of Financial Inclusion with out proper arrangements for staff deployment. Adequate staff recruitment not at all in sight, we do not know the strategies of the Bank in manning these new branches and also handling the mass retirements (normal and VRS) happening in full stream now. Our top management needs to draw a well defined personnel policy to strengthen branches with adequate staff and State of the Art Technology to drive the activities of branches.

The promotions in various levels have been completed and people are in the process of movement. Yet it may not be out of context to highlight that existing man power in branches is far from satisfactory. We have been repeatedly telling that the technology is not fully supportive and shortage of manpower has been a cause of concern in as much as people running the branch and offices are going through mental fatigue to cope up with growing business and customer expectations.

As afar as our organisation is concerned, we have been by and large, comfortable in protecting the interests of members on the issues of transfers and Disciplinary matters. The Disciplinary authorities at Circle levels are desired to be more pragmatic and practical in imposing punishments to avoid appeals to the higher authorities in each and every case for seeking justice. It is desired that, wherever staff involvement is not there, the matter should be viewed as Non-vigilance matter.

There are other issues like non-revision of rental ceiling by the Bank for long, inspite of the spiraling inflation. The Petrol limit is also not increased inspite of expanding cities & towns forcing the officers community to commute longer distances everyday. The cleaning allowance sanctioned by the Bank to the officers community living in Bank’s quarters only, is also an issue of denial of equal treatment to all the officers. The core banking activities (accepting Deposits & Lending) appear to have taken a back seat in the face of the thrust and enormous pressure on the branch heads regarding insurance & investment targets. All these constraints apart, let us pledge to continue our Karma Yoga and set new standards for growth of our Bank and Organisation in 20012.With Warm greetings,

- B.K.Irwathraya



In persuasion of the following issues taken up during the National convention held last year, the United Forum of Bank Unions has called for an agitational programme culminating in a day’s All India Bank Strike on 28th Feb 2012:

- To Fight back increasing attacks on banking sector and bank employees/officers

- To Resist retrograde banking reforms

- To Repulse attacks on jobs and job security

- To Oppose Khandelwal committee recommendations

- To Demand resolution of pending issues.

We are furnishing herebelow the gist of circular dated 19/12/2011 issued by UFBU in this regard. We call upon all our members to participate in the strike and make it a success.


National Seminar on 13-12-2011: UFBU organized a National Seminar on 13-12-2011 in Delhi to give focus to our issues and solicit support to our demands. The seminar was presided over by the leaders of UFBU and addressed by the following leaders, who extended their full support to our demands:

a) Shri Prakash Javdekar, MP and Spokesperson, BJP

b) Shri Tapan Sen, MP (CPI-M) and General Secretary, CITU

c) Shri D. Raja, MP and National Secretary, CPI

UFBU meeting on 13-12-2011: UFBU meeting took place on 13-12-2011 in the State Bank Staff Union premises at Delhi, duly participated by the representatives of all the constituuens. The meeting took stock of the situation and developments and noted that the Government and the managements were moving ahead with their agenda like implementing Khandelwal committee recommendations, outsourcing of permanent jobs, etc. and hence felt that the agitational programmes should be further continued and strike actions are to be resorted to if the situation so warrants.

All India Dharna before Parliament on 14-12-2011: On 14-12-2011 UFBU held a Dharna at Jantar Mantar near the Parliament Street in New Delhi. Leaders of our constituent unions led the Dharna. The Dharna was addressed by Shri Gurudas Dasgupta, MP, Sri Tapan Sen, MP, Sri D. Raja, MP and Sri R.C. Singh, MP. They assured that while bank employees fight for their demands on the streets, they would espouse our cause inside the Parliament. The Dharna was also addressed by the leaders of the UFBU. While congratulating the participants in the Dharna, they emphasized and reiterated the need for intensified struggles against the increasing attacks on the banking sector, on our jobs, job security, wages and service conditions and on our trade union achievements in the form of banking reforms, Khandelwal Committee recommendations, etc.

Delegation to the Government: During the Dharna, Delegation from UFBU met Mr. D K Mittal, Secretary, Dept. of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India and submitted a detailed memorandum to the Government on our various issues and demands. Delegation urged upon the Government not to proceed with any action unilaterally on issues like Khandelwal Committee report, banking reforms, etc. and also pointed out that bank employees demands are being inordinately delayed and not resolved and hence bank employees are highly agitated over the same.

Mr. D K Mittal who received the delegation, heard UFBU viewpoints very patiently and assured that the Government would be willing to discuss all the issues raised by the UFBU including the recommendations of the Khandelwal Committee, proposed amendments to the Banking Laws, Compassionate appointment scheme, pension related demands, etc. and desired discussions in a smaller forum between the representatives of the Government and UFBU.

ALL INDIA DEMANDS DAY ON 19TH JANUARY, 2012: The UFBU meeting held on 13th Dec 2011 decided that to pursue our demands, 19th January, 2012 should be observed as All India Demands Day with the programmes like - Badge Wearing - Display of posters - Dharna in all State Capitals & Centralised Demonstrations/Rallies in all cities and towns all over the country.

DEMONSTRATIONS BEFORE HEAD OFFICES OF ALL PSBs: The meeting also decided that joint mass demonstrations should be organized before the Head Offices of all the Public Sector Banks. Some programmes are already over. On 17th Jan 2012, the demonstrations will be held at the following places.

Mumbai: State Bank of India

Bangalore : Vijaya Bank

All India General Strike on 28-2-2012:

The meeting noted that Central Traded unions have given the call for All India General Strike on 28-2-2012 against the anti-labour policies of the Government and in pursuance of our 10 point common charter of demands. While endorsing all these demands and welcoming the united action by the Central Trade Unions, the constituent unions felt that they would discuss the issue of joining the strike in their respective forum and take decisions shortly.


Inorder to take stock of the present situation in the banking industry vis-a vis the stands taken by the IBA and Govt of India on various issues, and also to discuss about the agitational programme already taken up by the UFBU, the Central committee of NOBO will meet at Hyderabad on 22-01-2012 at Maharashtra Mandal Hall.


Government of India has reappointed Dr SU Deshpande as Officer Employee Director on the Board of Bank of Maharashtra. The notification was released by Mr Vijay Malhotra, Under Secretary to the Govt. of India. Dr Deshpande is working as Senior Manager with bank. He is President of Bank of Maharashtra Officers’ Organisation and also the present General Secretary of National Organisation of Bank Officers. Dr Deshpande earlier was appointed as Director on Bank’s Board on 17th March,2008 and this is his second consecutive term. CBOO wishes him success in his assignment.


SBOO affiliated to NOBO, held its All India conference at Kanyakumari on 22nd & 23rd November 2011. Sri Ashok Mallya, has been elected as General secretary at the General Body meeting held. Sri Prabhakar Bhat has been re-elected as President for second term. CBOO wishes both of them success in their respective assignments. Outgoing General Secretary & veteran trade union leader Sri M.S.Bhagawath was felicitated for his contributions to the trade union field as well growth of SBOO. Sri Bhagawath has successfully lead the SBOO for over a decade and he has been one of the most successful and effective defense representative. He has also authored a book on Disciplinary matters & defense. Sri Bhagawath retired from the services of Syndicate bank recently and is the sitting president of our parent body NOBO. CBOO wishes Sri Bhagawath a happy retired life.


Our sister union Canara Bank Workers’ Organisation will hold its All India Conference at Jaipur on 4th & 5th February 2012. They have extended invitation to all our members to attend the inaugural function of the Conference. Our Bank’s C&MD Sri Raman has agreed to address the delegates. CBOO wishes the Conference a grand success.



Our Organisation (CBOO) held its Executive committee meeting on 11-12-2011 at Bangalore. Various issues concerning the officers were discussed thread bare, and decisions were taken to safe guard the interest of our members in the prevailing situation, where discharging duties honestly in the bank also exposes to many risks attracting Disciplinary action. It is felt that in view of many loopholes in the present CBS package, members are required to be very alert. Our members should play the role of whistle blowers with regard to prevention of frauds. Maintaining password secrecy is to be given utmost importance. As the officers handling advances portfolio attract more explanations & charge sheets, members are called upon to be very careful in handling the portfolio. Deviations from the systems and procedures and violation of guidelines should be strictly avoided. Unlawful orders/ instructions of higherups need not be obeyed.

The EC observed a minutes silence to respect the departed soul of our member Sri Sua Lal Meena, officer, Bundi branch in Rajasthan who expired recently. A cheque for Rs 1.00 lakh has been handed over to his wife Mrs. Sita Devi, by our Organisaing secretary Sri Hazarilal Meena under the death relief scheme of our Organisation.

During the discussions in the EC, it has been felt that the staff welfare measures in our bank is no where near to those prevailing in many other banks, including smaller banks. Management has not taken any positive steps with regard to the following long pending demands:

1) Monthly conveyance to the probationary officers at par with the confirmed officers.

2) Increasing the fixed limit of Monthly conveyance as well the petrol limit.

3) Increase the rental ceiling of quarters.

4) Cleaning allowance to all the officers.

5) Avoiding mid-academic transfers

6) Deploying adequate staff at the branches to solve the problems faced by the officers.

7) Remove the confidential OPAS system, and make it open as before.

Retail lending was a trump card for the branch managers in business development. Retail lending at branch level was very fast and the branch in charge who knew the entire background of the customer, was very effective in judging the cases and the sanction & disbursals used to be very fast. After creation of the Retail Hubs, it is generally felt that the entire process is delayed and the branch heads have become silent spectators. Present branch heads, most of whom have good banking experience and exposure over two to three decades have more capabilities in handling the Retail Lending. Hence it is desired of the bank management to review the issue and delegate powers to the braches..

Co-option of new members to EC:

During the period under review, some of our Committee members have been promoted to Scale IV and inorder to fill the vacancies, the EC has co-opted the following members to the Executive Committee:

1) Dr Lalith Seedhar, officer, AF Section, C.O.Chandigarh

- Proposed by Sri M.B.Eswaraiah (Yelwal Mysore), seconded by Sri Rajakumar

(Jammu) and approved by EC

2) Sri Sambashiva Rao, Senior Manager, Uppal branch, Hyderabad

- Proposed by Sri Manohar Rao (Hyderabad) ,seconded by Sri Ranganath

(Roddam) and approved by EC.

However, the committee members and office bearers who have recently retired from the services of the bank, shall continue to serve the Organisation in their respective capacities till the next General Body meeting.

Retirement of our President from the services of the bank on superannuation:

President of our Organisation, Sri Madhusudan retired from the bank after 40 years of meritorious service. It was a co-incidence that the 11th December happened to be the birth day of Sri Madhusudan. He was felicitated by the EC. The EC placed on record his contributions to the trade union field as well as to the bank Sri Madhusudan who will continue as the President of CBOO & Vice president of NOBO till the next General Body, has assured the EC that he will spare more time to the Organisation work after retirement from the bank.

Tour programmes:

The EC decided to hold a meeting of our activists from North India at Jaipur on 4th & 5th Feb 2012, where our sister concern CBWO will be holding their General Body. It has been decided that a team of activists from Central office shall tour North India and visit some our circles and branches. Accordingly a tour plan has been chalked out. The details of the tour programme of the central office activists is furnished herebelow for the information of our respective local activists :

1) Reaching Delhi on 03/02/2012 morning at 09.15 AM- Delhi CO & branch visit- Leaving for Jaipur at 10.25 PM on the same day.

2) 04/02/2012 - Jaipur CO & branch visit -05/02/2012 : Meeting of our activists from North India - Departure for Delhi by bus before 7.00PM.

3) Reaching Delhi on 06/02/2012 - catching early morning train to Chandigarh at 4.25 AM to reach Chandigarh at 10.15 AM - Chandigarh C.O.& branch visit - Departure to Dehradun by bus at 5.30PM to reach Dehradun on the same day night for stay.

4) 07/02/2012 - Dehradun C.O.& branch visits- Departure to Meerut by bus at 2.30PM to reach Meerut at 7.00 PM for stay.

5) 08/02/2012 – Meerut C.O.& branch visits - Departure to Agra by bus at 2.00 PM to reach Agra at 8.00PM for stay.

6) 09/02/2012 – Agra C.O.& branch visits - Departure to Delhi by train at 3.30 PM and to Bangalore thereon by 9.40 PM Karnataka Express.

Oragnisational matters session was initiated by Sri Hazarilal Meena (Organising Secretary). Sri R.R.Kulkarni (Vice president), V.K.Goyal (Vice president), Sri K.Subramani (Dy Gen Secy), Sri T.Mohanraj (Asst Gen secy), Sri Manohar Rao (Asst Gen secy), and Sri N.C.Sharma (Joint secy) placed their points of views and suggestions for the growth of the organisation, apart from other committee members. Many action plans are chalked out by the units for membership drive, including tour programmes & contact programmes. It was also decided to hold an office bearers meeting at a convenient future date for discussing the arrangements for next General Body due by the end of 2012 to be held at Bangalore.

EC was presided over by our President Sri A.N.Madhusudan and all the deliberations were guided by Sri M.S.Bhagwat, President NOBO. Our beloved trade union leader Sri Mohan Kumtakar addressed the members. Ashok Mallya, Gen secy Syndicate Bank Officers Organisation was also present. Veteran trade union leader Sri K.N.L.Rao graced the occasion with his concluding remarks.


It is a well known fact that the present banking is an era of ACCOUNTABILITY, and executives are also not spared from stringent Disciplinary actions in some cases. In such events, they naturally seek Defense support from the Unions of which they were members before their promotions to executive cadre. Apart from this, the executives, who are well wedded to the ideologies which they believe, want to continue their association with the respective officers unions even after their promotions. In the case of our Organisation, many executives have continued their association with CBOO even after their promotions to Scale IV and above, by not discontinuing their subscriptions. Till recently their subscriptions were deducted through Check-off facility. For obvious reasons, the bank management has suddenly stopped the check-offs of such executives. In view of this, we appeal to all of them to continue their association with our Organisation by remitting annual subscription by way of cheque in favour of CBOO.



A Supreme court decision having far reaching effect on the life of daily wagers working in various public sector undertakings has appeared in the leading news papers of our country. The Supreme court has stated that though the employer might have violated the retrenchment rules under the Industrial Disputes Act, daily wage employees who have worked for a long time in an establishment are not entitled to regularization. They can only claim monetary compensation, the court stated in the judgement - BSNL vs Man Singh. In this case, workers were on daily wages since 1984 and their services were terminated in 1991 due to non-availability of work. They requested the government to refer the matter to labour court. It ordered BSNL to reinstate the employees. The government telecom company appealed to the Highcourt without success. But in the second appeal, the Supreme Court ruled that the workers were not entitled to regularization merely because they had worked for one year. Though the retrenchment may be set aside as illegal, an award of reinstatement should not be passed. As monetary compensation, the employees were awarded Rs 2.00 lakhs each.

- contributed by Sri R.R.Kulkarni


In another judgment, the Supreme Court has upheld punitive damage on Financier of vehicles in case of forcible seizure. Citicorp Maruti Finance Ltd had given a loan to one Mrs. S.Vijayalaxmi for purchase of a Maruti Omni van. When she defaulted repeatedly and failed to honour payment of even a compromise settlement amount, the financier took away the van with prior information to the police. Vijayalaxmi approached the district Consumer Forum and complained of deficient service. District Consumers Forum imposed a punitive damage of Rs 5,000/- on the Citicorp Maruti Finance Ltd, for their action. When the financier approached State Commission for redressal, the punitive damage against them was enhanced to Rs 50,000/-. Then the financier filed a petition before National Consumer Dispues redressal Commision, which upheld the Sate Commission’s verdict in July 2007. Challenging the National Commission’s verdict, the financier approached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court bench constituting Justice Altamas Kabir, Cyriac Joseph and S.S.Nijjar in their judgment ruled that – Even in case of mortgaged goods subject to Hire-purchase agreements, the recovery process has to be in accordance with law and the recovery process referred to in the agreements also contemplates such recovery to be effected in due process of law and not by use of force. Till the time loans were paid in its entirety and ownership had not been transferred to the purchaser, the financier normally continued to be the owner of the vehicle. But that does not entitle him (financier) on the strength of the agreement to take back possession of the vehicle by use of force. The guidelines which had been laid down by Reserve Bank of India as well as the appellant bank (Citicorp Maruti Finance Ltd) itself, in fact support and make a virtue of such conduct. If any financier of a vehicle resorts to force to take back possession in violation of such guidelines or principles as laid down by the Supreme Court, such an action cannot but be struck down.

- contributed by Sri R.R.Kulkarni

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